The New Digs

Back in 2010 I spoke about re-shaping Super Computer Geek, perhaps abandoning the Xoops platform I used at the time for Drupal. Unfortunately, I didn’t make good on any of my plans for this site.

At the time my family had experienced several tragic loses in a very short amount of time and I found it incredibly difficult to make progress on any projects for quite some time.

My own personal website took the lowest priority. Though admittedly I did manage to transition my email service and make improvements there.

I have decided to use WordPress and an accessible theme, with hopes to create my own theme down the road. For now this will serve it’s purpose well.

While I will not make any promises, but I will do my best to contribute here regularly.

To the future and whatever it may bring…

About Sean Goggin

Super Computer Geek Extraordinaire. Novice Computer Scientist, LA Kings Fan, Home Brewer, Craft Beer Consumer, Amateur Photographer, A11y Proponent.