Past & Future Mini-Thons

Saturday’s mini-thon was an excellent opportunity to test drive the technology and setups for the November Extra Life Marathon. There were a few technical glitches, which I’ve since developed work-arounds for, and some production issues. Most prominently the hour setup time for the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game. Also due to technical preparations prize packs and challenges were not finalized before the mini-thon. I’ll announce those soon on my Extra Life page. Also, we sadly only received $25 in donations falling short of our combined $100 goal. The experience is driving  a discussion regarding preparations for the next mini-thon and the big show.

So mark your calendars for Saturday, September 27th for the September Mini-thon. We’ll be returning to the living room, but this time for an 8 hour stint. We’ll be streaming on Twitch again.

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