Comedy Button T-shirts

Comedy Button T-Shirt Raffle

UPDATE: The Raffle has Been Extended! To help complete my 2014 Extra Life fund raising for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles I’ll be raffling off three of The Comedy Button t-shirts that I’ve had squirreled away, including the much desired and out-of-print Yonkey Dong t-shirt. The shirts are still in their shipping plastic, never worn, and size […]

Five Nights at Freddy’s Midnight Lights Out Let’s Play

As promised the archived recording on my Five Nights at Freddy’s Midnight Lights Out Let’s Play is now available on my YouTube channel. This was created in response to my Extra Life September Challenge. Don’t forget my Extra Life November Challenge has been set. If my Extra Life donations reach $1,000 (currently $140 away) by the […]

A Challenger Appears

My Veterans’ Day Weekend Marathon has concluded and $810 has been donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by my donors. A big thank you to all my donors that Contributed. However since I didn’t reach my goal of $1,000 I’m making one last donor challenge… NOVEMBER CHALLENGE November Extra Life Challenge Countdown If the last […]

Veterans’ Day Weekend Marathon

Veterans’ Day Weekend Extra Life Marathon Countdown Veterans’ Day Weekend is quickly approaching, which means it’s almost time for my Extra Life marathon. Thus far my donors have contributed $555 to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. That mean’s I’m just $455 short of my 2014 Extra Life goal! So make sure to donate and tune-in to my Twitch […]