A Challenger Appears

This is a UDK screen capture of an indoor environment made for Ravital's portfolio.

My Veterans’ Day Weekend Marathon has concluded and $810 has been donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by my donors. A big thank you to all my donors that Contributed.

However since I didn’t reach my goal of $1,000 I’m making one last donor challenge…


If the last $190 is donated via my Extra Life campaign by the end of this November I’ll recruit a crew for a Let’s Play stream of Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator! If you haven’t heard of Artemis, think of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise where each person mans a different station. There is:

  1. The Captain
  2. The Weapons Officer
  3. The Helm Officer
  4. Chief of Engineering
  5. The Communications Officer
  6. The Science Officer

Each player has a different role and has to share and request information from the rest of the crew to be successful on their mission.

Stretch Goal & Rewards

For every $200 raised donated after reaching $1,000 we will do additional Lets Play sessions changing up the roles of the crew and attempting different missions.

Donate at Extra-Life.org/participant/SupeRaven

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