Game Day Approaches…

Extra Life ScheduleSince Extra Life Game Day quickly approaches I thought I would get my schedule of Extra Life activities posted. But first…

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to my effort this year. My campaign has raised $450 for Children’s Hospital LA, of my $1,000 goal. At the moment Children’s Hospital LA is #1 in overall Extra Life fundraising with over $155,000. If this continues through 8:00am on Sunday, November 8th the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) will contribute an additional $30,000.


Saturday, November 7th – 8:00am to 2:00pm PT

Gaming with Friends, Family, and Extra Life LA Guild Members on YouTube Gaming.

Some folks will join me and I’ll be joining some folks for some online PC gaming for 6 hours. We expect to play some Battlefield 4, Heroes of the Storm, Borderlands 2, and more.

Sunday, November 8th – 10:00am to 4:00pm PT

Beiro & Crew Return for a Dungeons & Dragons 4e Adventure on Twitch.

Dungeons & DragonsOur feisty band of heroes reunite to continue their adventure of good and profit. Tune in to see what sort of trouble we get into next.

Monday, November 9th – 8:00am to 8:00pm PT

Buckyball Racing Club presents: The A* Challenge in Elite: Dangerous on YouTube Gaming.

A* Challenge Route Map

I’ll be setting out on a race across the stars towards the center of the Milky Way galaxy for 9 to 13 hours. It’s a long trip, approximately 26,000 light years, so I’ll need to remember to pack a lunch for this one. Hopefully I don’t run out fuel or run into a system with multiple neutron stars (TOASTY!).

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