Comedy Button T-shirts

Comedy Button T-Shirt Raffle

UPDATE: The Raffle has Been Extended! To help complete my 2014 Extra Life fund raising for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles I’ll be raffling off three of The Comedy Button t-shirts that I’ve had squirreled away, including the much desired and out-of-print Yonkey Dong t-shirt. The shirts are still in their shipping plastic, never worn, and size […]

A Challenger Appears

My Veterans’ Day Weekend Marathon has concluded and $810 has been donated to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by my donors. A big thank you to all my donors that Contributed. However since I didn’t reach my goal of $1,000 I’m making one last donor challenge… NOVEMBER CHALLENGE November Extra Life Challenge Countdown If the last […]

Past & Future Mini-Thons

Saturday’s mini-thon was an excellent opportunity to test drive the technology and setups for the November Extra Life Marathon. There were a few technical glitches, which I’ve since developed work-arounds for, and some production issues. Most prominently the hour setup time for the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game. Also due to technical preparations prize packs […]