Another Successful Extra Life!

Goal: $1,000 - Raised $1,338It’s been a long time since my last post (428 days to be precise) and quite a bit has kept me busy. However, I’m going to keep it short and just focus on 2017 Extra LifeBrent and I continued with It’s Friday! to a total of 24, we’ll call them, episodes. We also did independent 2017 Extra Life marathons and raised over $1,300 for Children’s Hospital LA. Not too bad for a couple guys in LA.

I’m also debating one final marathon before the end of the year in hopes of getting us over $1,500. The recent release of Desert Bus VR has me leaning in that direction. For the unaware, the original Desert Bus was a trick mini-game on the unreleased Sega CD game Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors. In the mini-game you drove a bus from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada, in real time at a maximum speed of 45 MPH. This would take approximately 8 hours. Because of the time needed and extremely boring game play it’s been used by a number of people to raise money for charity, most prominently Desert Bus for Hope.

8 hours in VR could be a real challenge, but one I’m willing to consider doing FOR THE KIDS (#FTK). Another idea is to do my first raid in Destiny 2 (either Destiny actually) live on stream. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks.

IFBS 8: Nidhogg & Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

On the next live episode of It’s Friday! with Brent and Sean we play Nidhogg & Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and then give them away. Join us at 6PM (PT) on Twitch or YouTube Gaming and jump into chat for a chance to win a game. We’re streaming as part of our Extra Life campaigns supporting […]

Still image of It's Friday! with Brent and Sean

Announcing It’s Friday! with Brent and Sean

Brent and Sean (me) are at it again. Join us as the work week ends and the weekend begins for some videogame related shenanigans. We will be playing local multiplayer games, usually badly and sometimes with guest that will probably be better than us. Once again we’re doing this as part of our Extra Life […]

Composite of promo for Walking Dead show and video game

More TWD Marathoning

On Sunday, October 11th at 8am (PT) I’ll be doing another Extra Life Marathon to benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. This time it will be live streaming a ‘blind let’s play’ (my first play through ever) of The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 by Telltale Games. I’ll be marathoning for the 9 hours prior to Season 6 West Coast Premiere of AMC‘s The […]

Walking Dead Marathon for Extra Life

On Sunday, August 23rd I’ll be playing Season 1 of  The Walking Dead: The Game, by Telltale Games, from beginning to end for my first Extra Life Marathon this year, with all funds going to support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Everything will kick off at 7:00am (PT) and conclude between 7:00 and 9:00pm (PT), just prior […]

Cutting the Co… Satellite Signal

After spending a few hours researching, cord-cutting appears to be the best option. At the moment I’m examining Sling TV​ and PlayStation Vue. Sling TV is $20/month and has Add-ons which range from $5-15/month. However I would be plenty happy with the core package. Sling is available on a number of devices, though sadly lacks Chromecast […]

Adventures in Corporate (Dis)Loyalty

Recently I became aware of an impending increase in my DirecTV bill due to reaching the mid-way point on my 2-year contract. This wasn’t a new subscriber contract either. After subscribing to DirecTV for almost 8 years and having DVRs that were released when I subscribed, I had asked about getting upgraded to the Genie since it had better […]

Ready, Set, Extra Life!

This year will make my third year participating in Extra Life and it will round out my first year as part of the Extra Life LA Guild. When I am recruiting people to participate in or donate to Extra Life often I’ll site the numerous ways Children’s Hospital LA has changed lives. Sometimes I’ll mention how I or others around me […]