Past Years

Extra Life 2015

In 2015 I raised just over $1,000 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. I began fundraising earlier in the hope of reaching my goal and setting a higher goal as the year progressed. I did meet my initial goal and targeted $1,200. In the end $1,125 was raised for CHLA during my efforts.

I once again hosted my primary fundraiser over the 2015 Veterans’ Day Weekend which coincided with the 2015 Extra Life Game Day on November 7th.

I continued my participation in the Extra Life Los Angeles Guild taking on the role of Social Media Manager for the Guild. I also worked the Guild booth at E3, IndieCade, and Strategicon Gateway.

Extra Life 2014

Over the 2014 Veterans’ Day weekend (Friday, November 7 to Monday, November 10) I hosted my Extra Life fund raiser stream benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

This year I have stepped up my challenge and preparations for Extra Life. In addition to planning much earlier, I have doubled my goal from last year and aiming to gather $1,000 in donations. I also hope to increase the quality of my stream and it’s production values, as well as introduce tabletop gaming to the event. I will also have more people participating live at the event.

In early 2014, I was one of many Extra Lifers in the greater Los Angeles, Ca area contacted about joining a group officially representing Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the Extra Life Los Angeles Guild (ELLAG). Learn more about the Guild.

In support of the Extra Life Los Angeles Guild I participated in the midnight launch of Destiny at the West Hollywood Gamestop, and the IndieCade Festival representing the Guild and the Extra Life organization, at large.

Extra Life 2013

In 2013, I raised $500 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles thanks to the generous contributions of my friends, family, and colleagues. I consider this a great success as I had only become aware of Extra Life and begun streaming one month before my Extra Life event during the 2013 Veterans’ Day weekend.