Still image of It's Friday! with Brent and Sean

Announcing It’s Friday! with Brent and Sean

Brent and Sean (me) are at it again. Join us as the work week ends and the weekend begins for some videogame related shenanigans. We will be playing local multiplayer games, usually badly and sometimes with guest that will probably be better than us.

Once again we’re doing this as part of our Extra Life campaigns benefitting Children’s Hospital LA. Every dollar donated goes directly to support the hospital and all the work they do to treat kids better.

Tune in Fridays at 6:00 PM (PT) on Twitch (720p) and YouTube Gaming (1080p).

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Super Computer Geek Extraordinaire. Novice Computer Scientist, LA Kings Fan, Home Brewer, Craft Beer Consumer, Amateur Photographer, A11y Proponent.

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