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Extra Life BannerThis year will make my third year participating in Extra Life and it will round out my first year as part of the Extra Life LA Guild. When I am recruiting people to participate in or donate to Extra Life often I’ll site the numerous ways Children’s Hospital LA has changed lives. Sometimes I’ll mention how I or others around me have benefited from Children’s Hospital LA‘s care. What it really comes down to is no parent should every have to worry about their child getting the care they need.

With that I ask if you’re a gamer looking to do some good, join Extra Life. It’s an opportunity to support your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital when you play and stream games. And we’re not just talking video games. No, any games. It can be board, dice, card, dominoes, pen & paper , blacktop, trivia, hide & go-seek, or even lawn games. If you like to play it, get others involved and ask them to support your local Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

Additionally you can multiply your impact and meet like minded people by joining an Extra Life Guild. The guilds are there to act as a booster club and street team for a Children’s Miracle Network hospital. You’ll help spread the word about Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network hospitals at community and industry events.

If joining Extra Life isn’t your thing, then please consider supporting an Extra Lifer’s efforts (such as myself and my support of Children’s Hospital LA) or making a general donation. Every dollar goes directly to a Children’s Miracle Network hospital and helps improve the lives of sick and injured kids.

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